Training course for trainers in Bologna

Training course for trainers in Bologna

Course begins on the 12th of June in Bologna

Enrolment is now open for the free course on Planning and management of urban community gardens, promoted within the framework of the European project HORTIS - Horticulture in Towns for Inclusion and Socialisation – funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), sectorial programme GRUNDTVIG for adults education. The training course will last 80 hours with an intensive week per month in June (12-15 June), July (17-20 July) and September 2013 (dates to be confirmed). The course will take place at the Department of Agricultural Sciences of Bologna University in viale Fanin 44, Bologna. A general view on the main course contents follows:

  • Community gardens in the urban environment and their multifunctional role
  • Cultivation techniques in urban context and practical horticulture basics
  • Soilless vegetable gardens, rooftop and vertical gardens, growingvegetables at home
  • Ecological management of urban and soilless vegetable gardens
  • Biodiversity gardens (ecological corridors)

The course includes also field visits in community and social vegetable gardens in Bologna’s province (workshops and school gardens) and the implementation of a project for the city, that is a theoretical-practical workshop for a participatory project in urban agriculture.

Enrolment is opened from April 29 to May 27 2013.